Goods Classification - Meat products including poultry

In the case of meat products, there must be a firm belief that the animal was slaughtered in the ritually correct manner. The following five conditions must be met:

The butcher must be a Muslim who has no hostility towards the Ahl-ul-Bait (a.s.).
The animal's neck must be slaughtered Islamically using a metal cutting tool and other materials are only permitted in justified exceptional cases.
The animal must be facing the direction of prayer [qibla] before being slaughtered Islamically.
Immediately before the Islamic slaughter, the name of ALLAH must be pronounced by the butcher, e.g. using the Basmala.
Immediately after slaughter, it must be clear that the animal was previously alive, e.g. through reflexes and a normal flow of blood.

The animal must not die as a result of the measures preceding slaughter (stunning and the like) before the carotid artery is severed. In the case of automation during slaughter, separate additional rules are taken into account.

If necessary, help will be provided to find a suitable Muslim slaughterhouse. The ritually pure origin of the meat must be proven beyond doubt.

The inspection of these goods is considered to require the greatest effort and is therefore classified in cost category 3.